As a Destiny Strategist, I had the privilege to meet incredibly diverse group people from all walks of life. After reading thousands of destiny charts from clients, I’ve spotted one pertinent issue.

Surprisingly, it’s not lack of money, even though it appears that way to them. Usually, after talking to my clients for the first 10 minutes, it becomes clear that they lack clarity. In a nutshell, they don’t know what they want in life. It’s a very common problem, but common does not mean it’s normal.

Instead of being frustrated because you cannot find what you want, let’s seek for growth. Not knowing what you want shouldn’t stop you from improving yourself daily. If you keep telling yourself it’s compulsory to search for meaning before you start something, you might not able to find it at all.


“Clarity usually only make its appearance after perspiration. – Iverson Lee”


The key to obtain clarity is through progress. This is when the Destiny Chart analysis comes in handy. It has never fail to deliver vital information to help anyone to become better. One of the information we can derive from the chart is Personal Success Theme. This information indicates the key area a person can work on, and if coupled with the right strategy and timing, it will have the highest impact in their success and happiness. More importantly, this information will be handy to those who don’t know what to do in life.

In order to give you a detailed strategy with timing, I would need to look at your chart individually. However, for every reader’s benefit, I have done a macro forecast so you will have a big picture of your success theme for 2017 based on your Day Master element. (If you do not know your Day Master element, you can plot your destiny chart here)

The single powerful force that shapes our lives is our choices. The Destiny Chart allows us to examine our choices unbiasedly in advance so that we may make an informed decision. Decide today to live your life on your own terms, at the highest level. I wish everyone a great 2017.

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