My inaugural Awaken Your Entrepreneur Destiny program concluded last week at JYCC, Kuala Lumpur. A special thanks to Dato Joey for giving me the opportunity to create my very first signature program. In return, I promised myself to do my best in preparation so I can deliver the program flawlessly and more importantly, able to make positive impact on students lives.

What inspired me to create this program is I realised a lot of people is suffering inside like worry, overwhelming, uncertainty, anger, lonely, sad etc. This program is not about revealing one “secret formula” and everything is fixed. All of us are well aware this is not how the universe works. The essence of this program is about helping students to become the right person first. By being the right person, successful business, wealth, happiness and abundance will come naturally. I shared with the students on how to achieve this using the same strategies I applied for my own self and for my top clients as well. The system that I am sharing in this program consist of BaZi, Feng Shui, Qi Men, Yi Jing and Date Selection.



One of the most memorable experience for me is during program finale, when we performed the Qi Men Awakening session together. I realised some of the participants got teary eyes during the process. This is when the true awakening happens, when the negative energy escaping the body, and being replaced with pure and abundance energy. When the session ended, everyone burst with joy, feeling like being a children again. We are all children after all , don’t we? Joyful, optimistic and insatiable curiosity about life.

The Qi Men configuration of the hour that I selected for this awakening is very unique because beside populated with healing properties, it also opening a portal for us to ‘download’ entrepreneur mindset as well, the portal will close after the two hour interval. I am not sure when will the configuration will present itself again anytime soon,  this indeed a blessing to those who able to make it to savour that power moment.

I know the AWAKEN’s graduates will agree with me when I said this is not merely a business program, it’s about life celebration. It’s about honouring who we really are and being grateful about life, knowing with absolute certainty that we had an unshakable soul inside that no matter what happen, we will have the spiritual strength to continue to thrive and prosper.

I felt the sense of joy and bliss during the end especially when the participants shook my hand telling me on how the program impacted them fundamentally at the core. Some of them are seasoned meditators told me that they able to feel their personal energy colour change to become more vibrant after the session, this is a bonus.

From the positive feedbacks I got from students, I realised all my hard work in preparation and research for this course is definitely worth while. All of this wouldn’t possible without the great help from the JY Team (Jasper, Carrie & Mark) who execute the event so flawlessly and making sure every second in the program is an enjoyable experience.

In the end of the program, I suggested to everyone to make a commitment to help at least 3 persons to improve their lives using the knowledge they gained from this program. It’s about paying it forward. Let’s continue to spread the light, as they are the AWAKENED ONE.

Iverson Lee

If you are interested in this program,  you are welcome to join us as Iverson will conduct the same program at Singapore from 23rd to 24th Sept, 2017. Click here for more information.