As a consultant, I get asked lots of questions daily. One of the most popular question is:
Am I suitable to be entrepreneur or should I work for others?


This could be the burning question that defines the direction of your life. However, there is a catch with this question. It’s assumed that anyone will do well on either one. It’s implied if you do not belong to the entrepreneur group, you would be suitable to work for others, and vice versa. What if I told you that you are not suitable for both?

What if I told you that you are not suitable to be entrepreneur nor work for others? Wouldn’t it disrupt your pattern and catch you off guard? After collecting your senses, you might say, “I will choose one myself”. Precisely my point! You take ownership of the choice you make.

Entrepreneurship is a choice. – Iverson Lee

Your BaZi Destiny Chart doesn’t decide whether you should be entrepreneur or employee. The verdict is from a judgment call by the consultant after they analyse certain indicators from your Destiny Chart.

The indicator they are looking at is the person’s character. All successful entrepreneurs possess certain character. So if someone’s Destiny Chart indicate the absence or weakness in those areas, the consultant will then conclude that this person should not be entrepreneur. Again, it’s not the Destiny Chart that makes those decision, it’s a judgment call by the consultant.

The consultant will suggest which path has the highest chance of success based on your character. This is to prevent you from giving up once you encounter a problem. It is like protecting a baby from getting hurt. On the other hand, it’s perfect advice if it is aligned with what you want to be.

If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, and you were told that you are not suitable, here is what I suggest you to do.
Ask the consultant what is actually stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur. Do not accept a yes and no answer. It’s not fortune-telling; this is a life transformation session.

Ask what is preventing you from becoming an entrepreneur. Demand for details! Never leave the table without getting crucial information in your hands. A qualified destiny consultant will be able to feed you all these details in a precise manner. After knowing these information, you have two choices.

OPTION 1: Decide to overcome those limitations or find a business partner who can complement those limitations.
OPTION 2: Embrace it and do nothing about it. However, don’t blame your Destiny Chart for your mediocre achievement.

Clearly, you have a choice. Life does not happen to you; it happens for you.

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