This year Taiwan Excursion (7th to 9th, Apr 2017) organized by Mastery Academy marks a very memorable and life changing event for me. Not a very spiritually inclined person myself, so my initial objective of going to this trip is to learn more about unique Feng Shui landforms formation in Taiwan from Dato’ Joey Yap personally. However, it’s never occur to me that this trip also awakens the spiritual side of me as well, it’s a bonus 🙂

We kick-start the excursion re-examine the ancient Feng Shui scrolls, half forgotten by a lot of practitioners out there, and then we are ready to walk the dragon. (In Feng Shui terminology, dragon is the term to describe mountain ranges)

The purpose of walking the dragon is to learn to spot the holy grail in Feng Shui, the meridian spot. Yes, we found it!!! This is spot the where the all energy of from environment are concentrated. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


The photo below is the Heavenly Halo Palace (無極天元宮) – Day 1 of Taiwan Excursion 2017. There is a “Double Arrow Head Greedy Wolf Star” mountain behind, which is conducive for spiritual practice and energy healing.


One very important concept I learned from this trip is, “Before you can master Feng Shui, you must understand concept of harmony.” A simple yet very profound insights.

We also sniffed hidden ancient temples, in search for wisdom and enlightenment. One of the highlights is we went to a sacred temple built into the cliff side beside a divine waterfall, a hidden gem in the mountain. It is known for its potency for wish fulfilling and energy cleansing.



Once I was there, I quickly locate the spot where it contains the highest concentration of energy so I can access my personal Qi Men gateway. I lead myself into alpha stage (sage mode), this is when I had the ‘aha’ experience and when I open my eyes, I felt something different. It’s like a permanent positive shift of perception, awareness and knowledge.

I realized that we spend most of our lives experiencing the shadows of reality, the moment we can free ourselves from old belief we hold in our mind – (our temple of ignorance), we can become enlightened.

I got a business deal confirmation a day after I make the wish, it’s pretty fast. I am not the only one. Lots of students there already get their wish fulfilled even before leaving Taiwan. Don’t worry about the why or how. It just work!!!



Thanks to Dato’ Joey for making all this possible and a million appreciation to the super crew that make the whole excursion an enjoyable experience, and not forgetting the nice foods too… feel abundance. (Thunder-Fire Hexagram).

Join us live on the next year Feng Shui Excursion 2018, click the below link for more information: